Set in early 2014, Poppy Wakefield works as a freelance journalist from her beautiful home in England. Her seemingly perfect, if predictable, life is shattered when she discovers her husband Stephen is having an affair.

In shock from betrayal, she finds comfort in a TV segment featuring George Clooney. George is everything her husband isn’t - sophisticated, funny, charming - someone who cares about making a difference in the world and who Poppy believes is her ideal match!


When she receives a well timed invitation to visit her friend Justin in LA, Poppy decides to give fate a helping hand and takes off on a quest to cross paths with George - where she has no doubt they will fall in love at first sight! However a surprise announcement brings Poppy and her romantic fantasy crashing back down to earth.


Through a funny series of near misses, unrelated adventures and colorful characters, Poppy navigates her new life in LA, until one day fate throws her a very unexpected curveball…

Produced and Story by Nadia Jordan

Written by Nadia Jordan and Hayley Nolan

Directed by Maria Burton

Cinematography by Arlene Nelson

Executive Produced by Jeffrey Allard, Andrea Batista, John Stienfield

Jan & Bob Newman and Ellice & James Papp



Our most sincere thanks for helping to make this movie a reality go to:



Greg Hittelman and the Enough Project

Stan Rosenfield


and of course, the one and only

Mr George Clooney

Thank you for being an inspiration to us all!


For the Love of George Motion Picture © 2017 Mana Pictures LLC