This story begins around seven or eight years ago… I had just moved to Los Angeles and George Clooney was considered to be one of the most, if not the most, eligible bachelors in the world. Whether George could be tamed by whoever was his current girlfriend was a hot topic with the media, who seemed to love this handsome, charismatic guy.  


Being in the States I had become more aware that George Clooney was not just a talented actor and all around nice guy but an extremely committed humanitarian who was passionately striving for peace and an end to genocide in Africa.

I came across a book written by John Prendergast and Don Cheadle called “Not On Our Watch” (the same name as the charity set up by George Clooney and his Oceans 11 pals), which details the history of Sudan and how the Darfur crisis evolved. It urged readers to get involved and to take action to raise awareness. One suggestion was to host a screening for friends and it was at this point I thought “why not go one step further and actually make a movie”?


George, in his capacity as co-founder of Not On Our Watch (NOOW), channeled significant support to NOOW's main partner organization, Enough. George and Don remained major activists in the work NOOW and Enough have done over the ensuing years." 


Slowly the concept for “For the Love of George” was formed. I wanted to make something fun and lighthearted, yet would still raise awareness to the charity.


When we began writing the script back in 2013, the film had a slightly different angle. George was still single and the film title was to be “Looking for George Clooney”. I will never forget being buried deep in a writing session and hearing the news of the engagement that no one in the world (apparently including George!) thought would ever happen! I mean twenty-two years an eligible bachelor and now he was getting engaged!? However a few rewrites and a slight deviation from the original story later, our script was stronger than ever.  


In writing Poppy’s story, it was really important to me to keep her relatable and somewhat grounded. Her romantic fantasy about George was a way of escaping a life she was not fully living and ultimately I wanted her to find her own voice and stand on her own two feet. I did not want to follow along the lines of the all too predictable happy ending.


The story has a female empowerment theme and whilst prepping for this movie I wanted to do the same thing both in front of and behind the camera. There is a wide gender imbalance in Hollywood with far fewer women being employed in leading roles and key crew positions than men. Therefore I made it a priority to enlist as many talented women as I could, which included our director, DP, editor, 1st and 2nd AD and more.


The inspiration for this movie was George Clooney and his humanitarian work; therefore 'For the Love of George' will be donating a portion of all profits to the Enough Project, NOOW's main partner.

by Nadia Jordan

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